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I’m leeeeeeeaving on a jet plane!

I just boarded a plane, headed to Maui for a week of summer sun, hanging by the pool and catching up on my sleep. By some weird fluke we’re seated in first class, and to my surprise they greeted us not just with coffee, but with mimosas. Goodness, who knew that’s what was happening on the first class side of that curtain?!? I may never come back!This week long trip is a welcome reprieve for Rob and me. We’ve been going at full-throttle at our house for the last six months, and this vacation represents a line of demarcation between all of that craziness and what I hope will be a bit of calm on the other side.I intend to spend the week in full-on relaxation mode, but unlike the years I spent looking for excuses to overindulge (read: overeat / not work out), I no longer see vacations as a reason to abandon my healthy habits.

Maybe the most dramatic shift in my thinking since my weight loss is that I don’t consider healthy eating and exercise to be a burden. Instead, my lifestyle is a rich reward that affords me the benefit of looking better, feeling better and best of all, living longer.

Hopefully that means more trips to Maui!

All my best for a lovely, relaxing week!

– Marilyn

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