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In-Person Personal Training

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I train my clients at a private gym in Issaquah, Washington. Construction Zone Fitness is located at: 1125 12th Ave NW, Suite B5, Issaquah (near Gilman Blvd). Because CZ is a private gym, there is no membership fee for clients, so the only cost is for training itself. As we age, strength training is the best way to improve and maintain lean muscle mass, improve hormonal balance, positively affect metabolic function, improve mood, and increase healthy lifespan. It's a win-win! Cost is $50/hour

Online Weight-loss and Nutrition Coaching

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Coaching is either on the phone or over Zoom and focuses on the client's individual challenges and goals. My approach to weight loss is pragmatic, but also based on the principles of metabolic science. We'll look at your history of weight loss (and gain), your body composition, your current health and fitness status, and then move forward with a concrete plan for you to positively impact your weight and your health. My weight loss approach includes improving metabolism through increasing lean muscle mass, hormonal balancing and utilizing various evidence-based fasting protocols, all while emphasizing whole foods to support a healthy gut microbiome, and nurturing self-efficacy so that clients feel empowered to maintain their new healthy habits for a lifetime. Cost is $60/hour

Online Mindset Coaching

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Coaching is either on the phone or over Zoom and focuses on areas in which the client feels “stuck.” There are times when our intuitive wisdom gets drowned out by the other voices in our heads telling us what we should do or what we think other people expect of us. Our whole lives we've been exceptional students of what everyone else wants and needs, but long-term fulfillment comes when we can stand in the recognition of all that we are and all that we deserve. Together we will unpack the limiting beliefs, relationship challenges, and cultural conditioning that can keep us paralyzed and unable to tap into the fulfillment we yearn for. Cost is $60/hour

Don't wait until you feel ready to take action. You may never feel ready. Action creates its own momentum.

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