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Constant Cravings

Though it may not seem complicated when we’re overcome by a food craving – I want it now! – the forces at work are actually pretty complex.

Cravings are part biology, part psychology, and part opportunity.

When faced with a craving, we have about a nanosecond to interrupt our normal conditioned response.

“Ooooooo, that sounds (or looks, or smells) so good! Gotta get me some of that!!!”

Interjecting a new response in the face of temptation is how you stop cravings. It’s pretty tough to change our biology, but we can influence the other two parts of the “cravings equation” and change our reaction. If you haven’t yet, read this week’s blogs on how to seize control.

To help with those cravings, this week I shared five new recipes for delicious and healthful summer popsicles. They’re simple to prepare and make a great late night treat that won’t undo all our hard work. Try them (hint, hint: the Lemon Curd Coconut makes me swoon) and tell me which is your favorite!

And just for fun I sat down with my daughters, Madeleine and Katie, to get their perspective on mom’s weight loss and transformation. How’d these girls end up so sassy? Hmmmm, I wonder … Watch the video of their “tell all” on mom!

Look, you may never crave kale, but you can learn to outsmart your cravings for unhealthy food. No food is tougher than you, I assure you!

Have a happy, healthy week!

– Marilyn

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