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Healthy Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your sweetie

Composite image of fingers crossed like a coupleLove it or hate it, it’s almost Valentine’s Day. Count me among those who love it, but I don’t love the widespread practice of giving fattening foods to loved ones for this holiday. I just don’t understand how it shows love to give people things that are bad for them. Given that philosophy, I’m on a one-woman mission to redirect our gift-giving habits towards healthy products and gestures that demonstrate our loving sentiments without undermining our healthy living goals. So here’s a quick list of my favorite Valentine’s Day gifts that say “I love you and I want you around for a long time to come!”:

    • Make reservations at your favorite (healthy-ish) restaurant for you and your sweetie – Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday this year, which means if you don’t make reservations soon you’re gonna be eating at either 5pm or 10pm.10940411_381842295310325_8693592325490801617_n
    • Try my recipe for Chocolate Energy Bites – they’re healthy and delicious, plus they’ll look so pretty in a bright red box!


  • Make breakfast-in-bed for your Valentine – use a cookie cutter to cut a heart-shaped hole in a piece of bread, then drop an egg into it and you’ve got an (over) easy way to say “I love you!”
  • Take your sweetheart out for a coffee date – go grab a skinny latte together and just spend some time reminding yourselves why your hearts were drawn to each other in the first place.


  • Drop a hint about new workout clothes – if your dear one needs a suggestion for something to show his love for you, how about new workout gear? A pretty pink sports bra might be just the thing to liven up your workouts during the dark, dreary days of winter. I love these from Lorna Jane!lornajane
  • Try my recipe for Gluten-free, Dairy-free Pancakes with Strawberry-Pomegranate Syrup for another breakfast-in-bed idea – if this doesn’t show your loved ones where your heart is, I don’t know what will. So yummy and so pretty! 


  • Take your tunes with you wherever you go – the MiniJambox by Jawbone is a tiny yet powerful speaker that brings your music to life anywhere, and right now you’ll get free shipping and a free carrying case. Get a red one to show your sweetie how he (or she) has captured your heart.Jawbone-Mini-Jambox-pocket
  • And finally, do what I did for my sweetie for Valentine’s Day (… but you’re sworn to secrecy cause he doesn’t know yet!) – I did a “glamour” photo session with a professional photographer so I’d have a special album to present my husband. My photoshoot involved professional hair and makeup application (even false eyelashes!), pretty clothes, flattering lighting, and my girl Rhianna playing in the background to set the mood. It was so fun and I know the photos will be a big hit.Close up photo of woman's blue eye

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to tell our sweethearts how much we love them, so why spoil it by giving a box full of high-fat, sugar-laden calorie bombs? Tell ‘em they’re sweet enough already! eat-less-sugar-youre-sweet-enough-already-quote-1

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