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Which Disney princess are you?

That sounds like one of those Buzzfeed teasers, doesn’t it? You take a quick quiz to find out how your personality lines up with the traits of a Disney princess … or a character from the TV show “Modern Family” … or a famous world leader … or whatever. I’m not entirely sure what insight this is supposed to give us about ourselves, but given the number of variations I’ve seen, it must be pretty popular.

I had a birthday earlier this week, so rather than figuring out which Disney princess I am, I decided to take a little introspective inventory. I asked myself some pretty tough questions about what kind of person I am: am I cheerful and uplifting to others or am I more concerned with my own interests and problems?

It occurred to me that, in my zeal to lose weight and improve my health over the past few years, I have become rather singularly focused on myself. Out of necessity I had to change many of my habits, but I also started saying “no” to a lot of the activities that had previously occupied much of my time. Doing so gave me time to make better food and exercise choices. But it’s also made me rather “one-note,” if you will.

Ultimately, I concluded that by focusing more on small acts of kindness towards others I would find more balance and joy in my own life. Seeing as this is my “new year” it’s a New Year’s Resolution, of sorts.

I will spend the coming year cultivating generosity.

I am so excited to find out where this leads; within the last few days I have heard from so many people who feel the same way – even KOMO newsradio picked up on it and invited me into their studio to discuss it! You can listen in below.

I believe we may be on to something here!

If you think you need to hit the “refresh” button on your own generosity meter, please join me! Let me know what simple acts you decide to do, and the impact this new outlook has on your life. I can’t wait to find out!

Have a happy, healthy week!

– Marilyn

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