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sean patrick maloney a Liberal’s Liberal.

Podcast: setting healthy boundaries

Having the confidence to politely and compassionately say “no” is one of the hardest things I’ve learned during my weight loss journey … and it’s the #1 reason I’ve kept my weight off for more than 8 years. It’s hard to do – especially when you’re a perennial people-pleaser (guilty as charged) – but the … Continued

Establishing Boundaries for Time Wasters

In Tuesday’s blog, “Ditch the Time Wasters” we talked about the activities that eat away at your precious time, making it less likely that you’ll have room in your day for healthy meals and exercise. The second big time waster is harder to identify and root out. There are people who intrude on your personal … Continued

Happy spring from Chicago!

I’m waking up this morning in The Windy City, where their spring weather can be pushing 80° one day and snowing the next. Literally! I grew up in the Midwest, born in Iowa City, Iowa, then moved to East Lansing, Michigan – and in my 20s lived here in Chi-town for a couple of years … Continued

Resentment is a red flag emotion

Resentment is like a clichéd country western song, “I been wronged.” That is, somebody or something has crossed a line and you’re left feeling battered and bruised. Depending on the particulars of the situation, you experience feelings anywhere from miffed to downright furious. We’ve all experienced it: a girlfriend once again overlooks your birthday, though you always … Continued