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Watch me pull a rabbit out of this hat

rabbit“…got nothing up my sleeve… Presto!”

Now, that’s a good trick!

Strength training is no magic trick, but when it comes to weight loss it’s about as close as you can get. Why? Because strength training will torch calories even when you’re resting (at a much higher rate than cardio), target and tone specific muscle groups, help you bust through weight loss plateaus, improve bone density, and fight back loss of muscle and functional movement that happen as we age. Impressive stuff.

In Tuesday’s blog, “Strength Training Magic” I explained strength training in its many forms and its impact on weight loss. I also tried to dispel the common myth that lifting weights will result in a bulked up, bodybuilder-type of physique. Instead, what you’ll get for a small time investment is a fit, toned body that is strong and healthy.

Thursday’s blog “Your Strength Training Workout” was an introductory workout designed by my personal trainer. Whether you’re just starting out or are already exercising, these basic moves can be performed at home with little to no equipment. The exercises focus heavily on “functional movement” as those are the ones that help keep us active in our everyday lives.

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A short blog yesterday addressed something I get asked a lot: “Does everybody have an ‘inner-athlete’?” Read it and let me know if you hear yours calling.

Finding your inner-athlete might seem intimidating if your day-to-day life is so hectic you can’t remember if you fed this cat this morning.

You want to workout, but who’s got the time? Or the energy?

Maybe we’ll find out together as we give this strength training workout a try. Maybe that rabbit we’re gonna pull out of the hat is our own inner drive to be the best we can possibly be.

Now, that’s a good trick!

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