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Visualize what’s on your table

I love the visual of the two tables because it so clearly defines for me what I have proactively chosen to eat (my table) vs. every possible food choice (the other table). I use this visual constantly when I’m confronted with a new food or need to remind myself which table chocolate chip cookies belong on when a plate of them is shoved under my nose.

Yeah, they’re on the other table.

So I gently take the plate and place it – usually this is all just happening figuratively in my mind – on that other table.

If I was conflicted about this decision, trying to white-knuckle it out – all the while feeling deprived – it would never work. If I tried eating just one or two cookies off the plate and then setting it down, I would fail. The taste is addictive to me and I cannot resist at that point.

So I am not conflicted about this. I proactively choose things that are both healthy and super delicious to be on my table so that I never resent the fact that those other foods are not available to me.

tableofmyownMy table is rather small in comparison to the huge table with all the other possible food choices on it. Because of that my diet is a bit repetitive. There is not endless variety to it. But to some extent it is that very variety that leads us to overeat. There are so darn many really delicious foods out there that we can easily overindulge if we allow ourselves unlimited possibilities.

If you take a good hard look at your own diet I’m guessing that you’ll find it’s as repetitive as mine. We’re creatures of habit. We have certain foods that we love and that we eat time and time again. The difference is that I do that only with foods that are both healthy and that I love.

My table is rather small, it’s true. I have maybe 40 – 50 foods on it and I eat them over and over again. Every once in a while I find something new that I add to it, but it’s pretty repetitive I admit.

But I’m okay with that. I’m not interested in what somebody else’s idea of a “perfect” diet should be. I’m interested in what works.

So they can keep their willpower and their moderation and their ginormous table loaded with unhealthy foods. I’ll be here at my table, enjoying all my favorite nourishing foods that will support my goal to live a long, vigorous life.

Maybe try visualizing a table of your own.

Losing weight is hard because you must challenge everything you ever believed about what you eat and how you move. But it gets easier. And you’re so worth it!

Let’s go get it!

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