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Tales of the laziest (healthy) cook in America

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In the inaugural edition of this newsletter I said that my approach to weight loss and healthy living is “life-long and holistic.” While that’s true and noble and all of that, it doesn’t really speak to the nitty-gritty daily grind of those of us who struggle with our weight. What does any of that mean on a daily basis when you’re faced (yet again) with what to make for dinner?

As I discuss in this week’s blog, “Tales of the Laziest (Healthy) Cook in America,” I am a lazy cook. I’m also a pretty lazy food shopper. What I mean by that is that I don’t want to be driving from store to store chasing down hard-to-find ingredients or spending hours in the kitchen making complicated recipes. I care about what my family and I eat, but I’m just too busy and not terribly interested in spending what little spare time I have cooking.

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But I also refuse to use my lack of time and interest as an excuse to be caught unprepared to throw together a healthy dinner every night. Nor do I use it as an out to grab a fattening meal on the run.

Check out this week’s blog to see how I’ve learned to “play to my strengths and manage my weaknesses.” It works for me; give it a go and see if it works for you!When you’re done with your healthy meal, take a photo of it and tweet (@mckennamarilyn) it or Instagram it (@eatlikeitmatters) with hashtag: #eatlikeitmatters. I’ll be looking for your great photos to put on the website and feature in a blog post.

Weight loss is hard, but it gets easier and you’re so worth it! Let’s go get it!


P.S. For those of you with kids (the little dears) I be publishing a blog soon about what I do when I actually cook dinner for the entire family. Respond to this email with some of the ways you cook healthy for your family and I’ll include them in the next blog.

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