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PODCAST: “How to Stop Taking Things Personally” Naked Broad View, EPISODE 27

AdobeStock_53788608-2All day, every day, there’s a dialogue going on in our heads. As we interact with others that voice tells us how to interpret other people’s actions, comments, even their mannerisms and body language. We’re sizing them up, basically. As we do so we’re evaluating all of those behaviors vis-à-vis ourselves; that is, “Why did he say that? Does he think I’m stupid?” Or “I texted her hours ago and I know she’s always looking at his phone. Why hasn’t she answered? She must think I’m too needy.” And on and on. 

But here’s a thought: what if other people’s actions, reactions, etc. have nothing to do with us? What if they are literally 100% driven by the person who’s having them? Wouldn’t that be incredibly liberating? In fact, it is. 

Listen in and Jill and I discuss how we’re each learning to do this and the tremendous changes we’ve experienced in our relationships and in our own inner peace. 

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