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PODCAST: “Cheat Meals” Naked Broad View, Episode 25

13495041_10102447319898373_3310828040180494597_nIn the 9 years since I lost 120 pounds I spent most of it NOT indulging in cheat meals. (And truthfully, expending more than a little bit of energy judging those who did.) But I’ve done a complete 180 on cheat meals within the last six months.

In fact, I’ve reversed my position entirely on this subject and now I gleefully plan and anticipate my weekly cheat meal. Listen in to this week’s Naked Broad View podcast to find out what changed my mind and how Jill and I make cheat meals “treat meals” instead!

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Just here doing my thing: personal training, weight loss coaching, mindset coaching. Message me or comment below if I can help you find your inner badass. Link in bio. #personaltrainer #fitness #fitnessover50 #weightlosscoach #mindsetcoach #badasscoach
I’ve been experiencing foot pain recently—and I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to turn my shoes over to look at the tread!!! When I did, I was horrified. No wonder I was having foot pain; my tread was worn thin. Yikes!!! And now tomorrow’s run gets a brand new pair of (my favorite!) @brooksrunning shoes! 🏃🏼‍♀️💜👊🏼 #runhappy #running #runningshoes #newshoes #mindthetread #personaltrainer #fitnessover50
Bottoming out is a good thing … the only place you can go is up! 🍑 💫 #rockbottom #personaltrainer #glutes #legday #neverskiplegday #gogetit
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