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Mission Accomplished!

As I sit here, I am exhausted but feeling so accomplished after having completed my first triathlon this morning. The weather could not have been better: calm, sunny, mild. As I waited for my “wave” to start the swim, the sun rose.


The bike ride was glorious too; in filtered early morning sun, we crossed the Lake Washington bridge deck in lanes that I drive across all the time. Pure magic.


Then came the run. Dear Lord.


My legs felt like rubber and lead at the same time as I racked my bike and switched to my running shoes. Once I got going I realized my perpetual knee issue was going to be a big factor in this race. I chose the shortest distance triathlon – the Sprint – which means that the run is just 3.1 miles. I’ve run marathons, so 3.1 is barely a warm up for me. But I’ve never done it after swimming in open water, then biking for 12 miles. Plus, my right knee is shot now, which doesn’t help. After a half-mile or so I found a (very slow) pace and managed to find my way to the finish line.

This was a “girls only” race, which I chose as my first triathlon by intention. Nothing against the guys, but all-girl races have a different vibe: more camaraderie, more high-fives en route, more hootin’ and hollerin’ for 69-year-olds as they cross the finish line.

I’m telling you, those girls are really something. I wanna be just like ‘em if I ever decide to grow up.

Until I get there I’ll just keep plugging away at new goals. Cause honestly, that’s what keeps me moving forward. That’s what keeps me motivated. That’s why I haven’t regained the 120 pounds I lost over seven years ago.


This is the life I found on the other side of obesity.

It’s hard; I have to keep pushing outside my comfort zone. I have to keep challenging myself. There are setbacks, injuries, obstacles. I don’t get to rely the excuses I used to hide behind.

But I have learned that it’s okay to take risks. It’s even okay to fail.

Because just standing on that starting line, being willing to try, means that I’ve won.

So now, I get to live this life. Fit, active, healthy.

Because I’m willing to put it all on the line. Come with me!

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