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Man up!

Cross-training is how you avoid injury and tax muscles in different ways, increasing overall fitness. Moving outside of your comfort zone means you try new forms of exercise, to keep things interesting and challenging. That’s all good. But what if you’re too self-conscious to try something new? Maybe you’re too busy to think about a new routine. Most likely you’re just not sure what to try.

Reach out. Ask a friend to try a new workout with you. If someone you know is having success with a workout – you know this because they’re talking about it on Facebook constantly, right?! – ask if you can tag along. They’ll be flattered you asked and thrilled to have you join them. You’ll benefit from their knowledge, experience and enthusiasm.

There are lots of reasons why you might feel self-conscious about trying a new workout. If you’re overweight or obese it can be intimidating to put yourself out there, feeling that everyone is looking at you. Again, having a friend there for moral support can be really helpful.

But also consider this: you just need to kinda get over yourself. Nobody’s looking at you because:

A) They’re all too self-conscious about themselves, and

B) So what if they are?!? Man up!

Being a grown up means sometimes you gotta do stuff that’s hard. Do you want this or not? I usually look like the biggest goofball in the room, but I’ve learned to be okay with that. The goal to be fit and healthy is more important than those insecurities, so put on your big girl panties and let’s go!

Of course, I understand that trying new things can be expensive. Use Groupon, Living Social and Amazon Local to get deep discounts on new workout places. They need the business; you need the variety. And sometimes, the incentive. You bought 10 classes so you might as well give it a go, right?

Losing weight is hard and we resist change at every turn. But it gets easier. And you’re so damn worth it!

Let’s go get it!!!

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