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Happy Thanks-LIVING!

No, I’m not going to harp at you about how many calories are on your Thanksgiving plate. (Even though …)

Nor am I going to give you a hard time about that piece of pie. (Except that …)

…cause you already know all of that and well, Thanksgiving only comes once a year. You’ll get no argument from me that our most beloved Thanksgiving memories are shared around the table with our family and friends, savoring the traditional foods that make this holiday something really special.

And just like you, my husband, children and I are excitedly planning a big celebration with our extended family.

As you’re making out your menu and shopping list, consider making one – or all three! – of the bite-sized Thanksgiving desserts in the blog below. They’re just the right size to enjoy the taste of a traditional Thanksgiving dessert, minus most of the calories (and guilt). And as far as the rest of the meal goes, load up on the turkey, but maybe skip the ho-hum, I-could-eat-that-any-day dinner roll. Even better, hit the gym or your fave yoga class Thanksgiving morning, before all the craziness sets in.

Because not only are we giving thanks for all that we have, we’re looking forward with grateful hearts for all the living yet to come!

Have a happy, healthy Thanksgiving week!



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