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Are you a fitness scheduler or an opportunist?


Schedule of the day. Woman doing sports.Guest blog, by Personal Trainer Taryn

When it comes to fitting exercise into our busy lives, my clients tend to fall into two categories: The Schedulers and The Opportunists.

opportunity-knocked-were-you-outSchedulers tend to be people who have daily/weekly/monthly schedules that are either very predictable or very flexible. Opportunists tend to be people who have schedules that change by the day/week/month or even sometimes by the hour! Schedulers plan their workout time into their calendar and keep it like any other appointment they can’t miss (or must reschedule prior to missing it). Opportunists wait for gaps in their day and stand at the ready with their gym bag, bicycle, or running shoes stashed in their car, office…or sometimes both! What is true for both groups is that they make exercise a priority. Could the schedulers fill that appointment time with some other task or errand? Absolutely. Could the opportunists take that gap of time to browse Facebook or catch up on email?  Of course! But they both choose to make fitness a priority.

Maybe you’re a scheduler in your work life, but you like your personal life to be more spontaneous. Exercise might be one of those things you’d like to fit in where you can: a bike ride or brisk walk on an unexpectedly sunny day, or a Zumba class with your sister when she’s visiting from out of town. Flexibility in your workout routine is a great way to keep it fresh. Just make sure that you’re finding those moments often enough (at least 3 days per week) so that you maintain a baseline level of fitness.

Or maybe you recognize that you tend to be kind of erratic about some things so you want to schedule your workouts to build in structure. Signing up for a class with a friend or hiring a personal trainer gives you accountability and incentive to keep your commitment strong.

Whether you’re a scheduler or an opportunist, you can find ways to prioritize fitness in your life by being flexible and knowing your own “fitness personality.”

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