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I’m already steeling myself for the month of February. Talking about emotional eating all month in the series I call “Emotional Eating 101” is going to be tough.

Frankly, sometimes I wish I could just sit down and shut up about this stuff!

Even for someone who’s figured out how to manage the emotional snags that can unravel a healthy eating plan, it can be painful to dredge this stuff up.

In Tuesday’s blog, “Emotional Eating 101: Denial” I talked about how denial played out in my life as detachment from my physical body and even my thoughts. Denial comes in many forms so it may look different from where you stand, but letting go of denial has been absolutely key in my weight loss success.

In Thursday’s blog, “Denial vs. Acceptance” I show how accepting my sometimes wacky food behaviors and learning how to manage them has made all the difference to me. I discovered that losing weight hasn’t made me some “perfect” version of myself. I still have many of the same quirky idiosyncrasies I always did, but I’ve learned how to manage them so that they don’t undo all of my hard work.

This week’s video, “Emotional Eating 101” outlines the four emotional pitfalls I’m going to be touching on throughout the series. Each one: denial, fear, futility and shame have a corresponding and equally powerful positive emotion that is waiting, like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

In my lowest moment there was one thing I knew for sure about myself; I was worth fixing.

I have taken that very humble belief and run with it. I now know that not only am I worth fixing, but I deserve to be the very best version of myself– each and every day.

Know what else? You do too!

– Marilyn

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