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“Do we havta count all forms of sugar or just added sugar?” (And other “100 days of awesome!” FAQs)

100 days FAQsWe’re into our second week of “100 days of awesome!” and I’ve heard from lots of you that you’re enjoying the program. The planks, squats and push-ups are tough but manageable, especially when you modify.

The 100 days of planks schedule and the 100 days of push-ups schedule are below if you need them again.

You’ll remember, the 100 days of squats is just 10 sets done 10 times per day. You don’t need to do them all at once; break them up and do some in the morning, a couple at lunch, a few at dinner and the rest before you head off to bed.

The three food elements are tougher: striking sugar, emphasizing healthy fats and eating more greens are hugely challenging, but have no fear because we’ve got 90 more days to get this right!

And if you saw the “100 days of awesome!” bonus round you know that I’ve offered up a challenge to those brave souls who want to take their awesome to the next level: 30-60 minutes of low-intensity cardio (60-75% of maximum heart rate) Monday through Saturdays. Low-intensity cardio is just that – it’s not running intervals on the treadmill or killing it at your spinning class. Walking is great low-intensity cardio, or maybe try a yoga class.

You might have some of the same questions I heard from folks doing the program, so let’s get to ‘em now:

Q: When counting grams of sugar, do you count all sugar or only added sugar?
A: Don’t hit me when I say … natural sugars count too. Now, having said that nobody ever got fat eating raspberries, so a lot of leeway there. But yes, the goal is 38g total.

Q: I can’t do push-ups at all, even on my knees. Now what?
A: Do incline push-ups! They can be done against anything that’s sturdy enough for you to lean your body weight against. The lower the incline, the harder they are. Use a wall to start if that works best for you. The point is just to do them and challenge yourself to keep making them harder as you get stronger.

Q: Is canola oil a “healthy fat”?
A: Canola oil is considered healthiest of all commonly used vegetable oils used in the U.S. By comparison, canola oil has 7% saturated fat, while sunflower oil has 12%, corn oil has 13%, and olive oil has 15%. But almost all canola oil is genetically-modified (GMO), so if it’s important to you to avoid GMOs, buy organic.

These are great questions, so keep ‘em coming. Click on the “drop me a line” button on my website and I’ll answer as best I can.

Keep being awesome!!!


100 days of planks schedule:

  Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
Week 1 :20 :20 Rest :30 :30 :30 Rest
Week 2 :45 :45 :45 Rest :50 :50 Rest
Week 3 :60 :60 Rest :60 1:10 1:10 Rest
Week 4 1:10 1:20 1:20 Rest 1:20 1:25 1:25
Week 5 Rest 1:25 1:30 1:30 Rest 1:30 1:35
Week 6 1:35 Rest 1:35 1:40 1:40 Rest 1:40
Week 7 1:45 1:45 Rest 1:45 1:50 1:50 Rest
Week 8 1:50 1:55 1:55 Rest 1:55 2:00 2:00
Week 9 Rest 2:00 2:05 2:05 Rest 2:05 2:10
Week 10 2:10 Rest 2:10 2:15 2:15 Rest 2:15
Week 11 2:20 2:20 Rest 2:20 2:25 2:25 Rest
Week 12 2:25 2:30 2:30 Rest 2:30 2:35 2:35
Week 13 Rest 2:35 2:40 2:40 Rest 2:40 2:45
Week 14 2:45 Rest 2:45 2:50 2:50 Rest 2:50




100 days of push-ups schedule:


  Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
Week 1 10 10 10 10 10 10 Rest
Week 2 12 12 Rest 15 15 15 Rest
Week 3 15 15 Rest 2×10 2×10 2×10 Rest
Week 4 2×10 2×10 Rest 3×10 3×10 3×10 Rest
Week 5 3×10 3×10 Rest 4×10 4×10 4×10 Rest
Week 6 4×10 4×10 Rest 5×10 5×10 5×10 Rest
Week 7 5×10 5×10 Rest 6×10 6×10 6×10 Rest
Week 8 6×10 6×10 Rest 7×10 7×10 7×10 Rest
Week 9 2setsx20 2setsx20 Rest 7×10 7×10 7×10 Rest
Week 10 2setsx20 2setsx20 Rest 8×10 8×10 8×10 Rest
Week 11 3setsx20 3setsx20 Rest 8×10 8×10 8×10 Rest
Week 12 3setsx20 3setsx20 Rest 8×10 8×10 8×10 Rest
Week 13 4setsx20 4setsx20 Rest 9×10 9×10 9×10 Rest
Week 14 4setsx20 4setsx20 Rest 9×10 9×10 9×10 Rest
Week 15 5setsx20 5setsx20          




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