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Why did the chicken cross the road?

A new Chick-fil-A restaurant opened in my hometown this week. By the look of the line there isn’t another one between here and the moon. Last Saturday my 15-year-old son asked me to take him there to meet up with some friends for lunch; we couldn’t get within three blocks of it due of traffic congestion and police detours. I’m told the wait was two hours.


No doubt it’s a pretty tasty sandwich, but there simply is no fast food that is worth waiting two hours for. In fact, I’d argue that fast food isn’t worth eating … at all!

There are times we’re in a hurry, certainly. But with a little advance planning (a few items stashed in a mini-cooler in the car, or a bag of raw almonds thrown in your purse) we’re never so desperate that we have to resort to eating unhealthy food.

We value busy-ness in our culture – and why shouldn’t we?! We’re busy people! But it’s time to go a little counter-cultural about how we feed ourselves on the run. So I’m gonna keep packing my baggies full of cut-up veggies and skip the line. I hope you will too!

Good things are happening on the website this week with recipes to share and great information about whether or not it’ll boost your weight loss to work out on an empty stomach.

And congratulations to Tahra who won the Spring Cleaning Giveaway! She tells me she’s super excited to get her closet organized!

Life’s busy, that’s for sure. Why spend it waiting in line for food that doesn’t help us meet our healthy living goals? This chick’s gonna cross the road to run away from that!

Have a happy, healthy week!

– Marilyn


Video: The skinny: should you work out on an empty stomach?


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