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Who are the saboteurs and enablers in YOUR life?

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What do you do when the people you count on the most for support are actually trying to undermine your success? 

This happens more often that we’d like to admit.

To give them the benefit of the doubt, let’s assume that these folks are unaware of the destructive nature of their behavior, possibly because they’re not tuned in to their own motives.

They might feel threatened, thinking that our decision to change reflects badly on their own choices. Or maybe they fear that our new lifestyle will leave them behind.

Whatever their motives, saboteurs and enablers evoke complex and sometimes conflicting emotions in us, not to mention the sticky situations their shenanigans create.

In this week’s podcast “The Saboteurs” I talk about:

  • Who the typical saboteurs are
  • What their strategies are
  • What their motives are
  • How to stay focused on your goals
  • How to (politely) tame them
  • How to turn them into your biggest cheerleaders

Listen in, especially for that last tip, because who doesn’t need more cheerleaders in their life???

And pull up a chair and spend some time with my “Naked Broad View” partner-in-crime Jill and me as we talk about “The Stories We Tell Ourselves.” In this podcast Jill and I discuss how we so often fill in the blanks, if you will, with our internal dialogue and the effect that has on our lives.

Great topic!

It’s a podcast-palooza kind of week, so I hope you’ll find time to tune in while you’re commuting, running errands or even in the shower! You just never know where inspiration will turn up!

Have a happy, healthy week!




Naked Broad View PODCAST: "The Stories We Tell Ourselves"

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Indulge Yourself

PODCAST: The saboteurs

What do you do when the people you count on the most for support are actually trying to undermine your success? Listen in as Marilyn shares strategies for how… Read more…

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