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What’s cookin’?

11898898_986942568014710_7595411827417859095_nI gotta come clean: I’ve been in a cooking rut for a while now. Oh sure, I cook pretty healthy meals and snacks for my family and myself, but my repertoire of recipes has started to seem ho hum lately.

Typically we start eating heavier dishes in the colder months – often with more calories. But I don’t want to fall into that trap. In the eight years since my weight loss journey began I’ve learned that food can be extremely satisfying and still be healthy.

So to keep things fresh, healthy and satisfying I decided to take a cooking class to spice things up a bit.

A local natural food market near me offers a wide variety of cooking classes that run the gamut from standards (yeast breads and knife skills classes) to “food as medicine” classes with titles as intriguing as “Healing Your Gut,” “Anti-Inflammatory Eating” and “Good Mood Foods.” I browsed the brochure like a kid looking through a toy catalog.

My mouth watered when I read the description of a class called “The Portuguese Table.” Our culinary travel plan is to start with a sardine and cracker appetizer, followed by Caldo Verde (Potato and Kale Soup topped with Chorizo), and finally Arroz Doce (Creamy Portuguese Sweet Rice with Cinnamon). Wowzers!

I signed up on the spot.

There’s nothing like a little culinary adventure to get us out of a cooking rut!

It may seem counterintuitive, but I’ve learned that I get so much pleasure out of really high-quality food that I need significantly less of it.

So here’s to high-quality food, culinary adventure and living every moment (and every bite!) to the fullest!

Have a happy, healthy week!


PS: The dish in the photo above is Shakshuka, believed to have originated in Tunisia. It’s a dish of eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes, chili peppers, and onions, often spiced with cumin. It looks positively fab and I plan to make it as soon as possible! Here’s the recipe if you’re interested.



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