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Unhealthy food does not cross my threshold

Unhealthy food is everywhere you look. There are treats on every street corner and in every office break room. They’re also in our grocery carts and pantries. Refrigerators and cupboards, too. It’s those items – the ones that we voluntarily bring into our homes – that I look at in this week’s blog, “Unhealthy Food Does Not Cross My Threshold.”

Of all the strategies for weight loss and healthy eating I have learned, this one is probably the most important. Our homes are our sanctuaries. They should reflect and support our commitment to healthy living. Staying true to that commitment is so much easier when you don’t have a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia in the freezer, whispering to you late at night, “Marilyn…. I’m in here… and I’m so delicious! Come eat me!” Oh sorry, I got distracted there for a minute. See, even though I’ve lost 120 pounds and kept it off for six years, I still hear it, too.

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People ask me all the time, “How do I lose weight?” I can see they are desperate for answers. I understand their frustration. So the first thing I always tell them? Clean out the crap!

I know, I know. Easier said than done, right? Well, read “Unhealthy Food Does Not Cross My Threshold” to learn how I do it and see if this principle might be just the ticket to creating the healthy food environment that you need to succeed at weight loss. It works for me. I’m betting it’ll work for you too!

As always, I love to hear what’s on your plate and let me know what crosses YOUR threshold in the blog comments!


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