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Trapped in the Vicious Cycle

circle-arrowsWe’re poised at the halfway point of the “10-Week, 10-Pound Challenge” so let’s get ready to bring it home!

Week 6 is for all of us who’ve ever been stuck in a pattern of overeating and not exercising, then feeling guilty because of our lack of “willpower” (seriously, we need to banish that word from the weight loss lexicon). 

The vicious cycle looks like this:

            Overeat > feel physically sick > skip workout > feel guilty > repeat.

This vicious cycle dominated my behavior for more than two decades. If you recognize the pattern playing out in your own life, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

The vicious cycle is powerful.

Breaking out of the cycle is critical to permanent weight loss. Thing is, you must be vigilant. Because the cycle is powerful – and because there are a whole lot of bad habits that can keep us trapped in the cycle – it’s easy to slip back into it. If you’ve ever lost weight only to regain it, you know how demoralizing it is to fall back into those old habits. Feeling the sting of failure only exacerbates the problem, thus the cycle continues.


Week 6 is a roadmap to help you break out of the vicious cycle:

Monday: Trapped in the Vicious Cycle

Tuesday: “Try-It Tuesday” Go Get It, Gammy! (strength training lower body workout)

Wednesday: Here We Go Again: The Power of the Vicious Cycle and How to Break Free

Thursday: The Virtuous Cycle (the halo is optional)

Friday: Week 6 “confession cam” (aka “Is Marilyn Walking the Walk?”)

I hope you tried some of the recipes from last week’s popsicle-palooza! The prize was Tovolo Groovy Ice Pop Molds and lucky “10-Week, 10-Pound Challenge” participant Lauren is the winner!

yoga-matBecause exercise plays such an important part in breaking out of the vicious cycle, this week’s prize will be a yoga mat. I’ll even let you pick your favorite color!

The vicious cycle can feel like being stuck on a rollercoaster ride where the attendant stepped away. You’re going ‘round and ‘round, feeling hopeless that you’ll ever get off.

But there is a way off. I am living proof, and I’m going to tell you how you can do it too.

Losing weight is hard. But it gets easier, and you’re so damn worth it!

Let’s go get it!

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