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Top 10 Ways to Fit Activity into Daily Life

threewaysactivelifestyleIn the 2008 Disney-Pixar movie “WALL-E” a loveable little trash-collecting robot has been tasked with cleaning up Earth after humans left it in ruin. In pursuit of a cute girl-robot (it’s always because they’re chasing a girl, right?) he is transported from Earth’s surface to the space station inhabited by the humans who sought refuge.

While entertaining, I was disturbed by this version of humanity’s future. In this future we no longer move independently but instead cruise around on little scooter-like hovercrafts. Our every need is anticipated and automated. Our meals are blended and served to us in giant “Big Gulp”-type cups.
We needn’t even expend energy to chew.

I’m gonna have to take a pass on that picture of our future.

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But even our own lives are so highly automated that we exert minimal effort to do most any task. This week’s blogs challenge that and ask you to start incorporating activity into your everyday life.

Monday’s blog, “Choose to Move” served as a reminder that every single day, many times a day, we have opportunities to enhance and extend our lives and improve our wellbeing by choosing to move.

Today’s blog, I offer up my top 10 list for incorporating activity into your everyday life. That includes one of my all-time favorites, walking up escalators thereby compelling standers to move over! HA!

Friday’s blog will cover what I call “Everyday Activity, A Graduate Level Course”. These are some advanced suggestions for being active while moving through your day.

This is week 9 of “Health for the Holidays!” and there are so many reasons to really focus on your health right now. The work we’ve been doing since October should give you some strategies to fall back on when things get difficult.

And they will.

This week, read the blogs and think about how to incorporate more activity in your daily life, but also up your cardio workouts to 50 minutes, six days a week.

There are four weeks left until 2014. Renew your commitment to living a healthy life every day from now until then and just imagine how great you’re gonna feel when you wake up on January 1st!

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