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A table of my own

I’m well aware that we’re one week out from Christmas. Like you, I’m knee-deep in shopping, wrapping packages, holiday parties, out-of-town guests and last-minute details I forgot about until 20 seconds ago. Yikes!

This week’s blogs ask you to take a few quiet moments amidst the hullabaloo to visualize something with me.

The image is of two tables: the first is small. It is loaded with fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, healthy fats, whole grains, and a few treats.

The second is HUGE! Imagine a ginormous buffet table filled with every fattening, unhealthy food you can imagine. Even the ones you like; put them on that table.

I use this very powerful image every day to help me proactively decide which foods will help me meet my healthy living goals and which will not. But it’s not just about eating healthy; I’m adamant that my food must be drop-dead, stop-me-in-my-tracks delicious too!

In Monday’s blog, “Willpower is Unreliable at Best” I described why purposely deciding which table any given food item goes on is so empowering. Willpower is a tenuous weight loss strategy and will fail you in the long run.

In today’s blog, “Moderation is Crap” I come clean about my own inability to moderate my intake of indulgent foods. Despite the common mantra that you can eat any food in moderation, millions of us have found this impossible.

Friday’s blog, “A Table of My Own” will describe my reality of eating from a much smaller selection of foods than most people do. It’s a part of my everyday life and I have come to terms with it.

It’s week 11 of “Health for the Holidays!” and I can’t tell you how excited I am for us to take the skills that we’ve been working on since October 1st and apply them in the New Year! Up your cardio to 55 minutes a day, six days a week and keep tracking those calories on Fooducate.

Having a table of my own makes it possible for me to maintain my 120-lb weight loss without the internal struggle that used to torment me when I tried to rely on willpower or moderation.

Remember, success doesn’t come from what everybody says should work, it comes from what actually works.

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