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Success in Motion

Warmer weather, longer days and sunshine are an invitation to get out and get some exercise! No matter where you live, the winter months are tedious. I don’t know about you, but my tolerance for working out indoors is pretty much exhausted and I’m ready to get out and get some fresh air!

Throughout the month of April we’re going to look at “Success in Motion.”

By that I mean, you find success at weight loss through exercise. No, you can’t exercise yourself thin, but you can exercise yourself happy.

And hopeful.

And optimistic.

And confident.

You can bet that a positive mental state improves the odds that you’ll make good food choices and follow through with all of the other self-care habits that are a part of the healthy living equation.

In Tuesday’s blog, “Get Your Head On Straight” I pointed out that exercising because you “should” or because your doctor or spouse is haranguing you to do it will not work for the long haul. It doesn’t matter one bit how much somebody else thinks you should do it. It doesn’t even matter how much you want to be around for those you love.

You must find a reason to do it for yourself.

On Thursday “What Floats Your Boat?” took a look at how to harness that elusive “motivation” by taking exercise to the next level.

Simply, it is imperative that you find workouts that are fun!

Finding the fun is exercise is what keeps it fresh and exciting. It’s what keeps you lacing up your shoes and hitting the pavement – or pool, or dance floor, or whatever.

What does that for you?!?

I’m busy answering more “Ask Marilyn” questions in this week’s Q&A videoWeight fluctuations and plateaus are common pitfalls in weight loss, and I’m no exception. Watch the video to see how I broke through mine.

That sunshine is calling to you, can you hear it? It’s saying, “Come out and play!” Let’s get outside and catch some rays while we’re getting our workout in, shall we?


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