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Snacking with benefits


Snacking is a given in our busy lives, but not all snacks are created equal. And while a skinny latte and a Kind bar will work in a pinch, it’s nice to have other options, especially when they’re delivered right to your door.

Enter the Graze snack pack; a weekly snack-of-the-week club that dishes up eight luscious little snacks – from Deconstructed Carrot Cake to Chili Lime Cashews – each of which will tide you over in the most fabulous way.

I decided to give Graze a try after receiving a promotional mailer for a free box because, you know, free stuff is good, and now each week a small-ish box with eight individually portioned snacks inside arrives in my mailbox.

When I logged on to sign up for the freebie I was prompted to select my favorites (and note any food allergies or definite “no’s”) from their 100+ snack options. A week later I received my box (the free box is a 4-pack) which included Peach Cobbler (a bar) and Cinnamon Pretzel Sticks with Snickerdoodle Dip.

It wasn’t long after they arrived that my 16 year-old son discovered the packs, and I haven’t had a single one since. The boy isn’t a big snacker and I’ve never had any luck getting him to eat protein bars, but he loves the variety and built-in grab-n-go convenience of these little packs.

Calorie counts are anywhere from the low 100’s to about 250, depending on how many goodies are in a portion. No surprise the Dark Rocky Road was one of the highest (190 calories) and the Super Kale & Edamame (110 calories) was the lowest.

Protein is lower (single digits) and carbohydrates (and sugar) are higher (up to 27g) than what I would typically eat as a snack, but they are a really yummy alternative to have as a treat every once in a while. That is, if I could ever get one now that my teenager figured out where I keep them in the pantry! (“Mom, are we gonna get another one of those boxes soon?”)

So how can you get your own freebie Graze snack box? Well, I wrote to the nice people at Graze telling them how much I like their product and asking if I could share the promo code for a free box with my followers. HA! They did one better and they’re offering my followers their first and fifth boxes free! Yep, just log onto, enter your preferences from all of their yummy varieties and use promo code N7X9KXWPE to claim your freebies!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, the price per box (if you decide to keep getting them) is $11.99, which includes shipping. (And did I mention the Cherry Fudge Sundae??? Heavenly!)

Happy snacking!Graze-Box-Review-5

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