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The skinny on condiments

Sandwich.A blob of ketchup here, a dollop of mayo there … before you know it your healthy lunch has gone from nutritional powerhouse to fat and sodium bomb. The shrapnel can land on your hips and thighs, and blow up your healthy eating plans.

It’s easy to underestimate the impact of condiments because it doesn’t seem like much, right?

But faster than you can slather on barbeque sauce, you can swap out your higher fat and calorie condiments for healthier options.

Here’s the skinny on condiments (based on 1 tablespoon serving of average national brand):


20 calories
157mg sodium
4g sugar


93 calories
82mg sodium
0g sugar

0001300000589_500X500Sweet Pickle Relish

18 calories
112mg sodium
3.5g sugar

FNM060112_008Barbeque Sauce

32 calories
142mg sodium
6.5g sugar

6a00d83451fa5069e201676141d7c0970bHot Sauce

2 calories
344mg sodium
0g sugar


2006_espn_salsa_championship_las_vegasOh wait, that’s the dance move not the condiment. My bad.

salsa5 calories
79mg sodium
>1g sugar

4-DSC_3234_whiteWhole-Grain Dijon Mustard

24 calories
363mg sodium
1g sugar


Healthy choice tip: hot sauce packs the best punch for the calories as a typical serving is only 1 teaspoon, so you can get a lot of flavor without doing damage to your waistline. Muy caliente!

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