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Seismic Shift

Does the world need another diet book? Well no, probably not. Does the world need another thin person throwing around her opinion about why people are fat and how they can shape up? Clearly not. But I am not just any thin person. I am a thin person (well, “normal-sized” anyway) who used to weigh 120 pounds more than I do now. During that journey, now almost exactly five years to the date, I have learned a thing or two about myself, about food, about exercise and about life. I have undergone a seismic shift in my life and in my thinking. I have gone from a fat, out-of-shape and very unhappy person to someone who wakes up every day and says, “YES! I get to do this again!!” Seriously, there could be no sharper contrast. I would say that I’m unique in some ways, but I am not unique in my ability to lose weight and keep it off. I want to offer up hope for anyone who is willing to commit himself or herself to this task, because this really is doable. You really can be thin (or at least a whole lot thinner) and happy (or at least a whole lot happier) for the rest of your life.

Seismic Shift is a way of thinking about that moment, call it the “tipping point” or the “moment of change” or the “aha! moment” or whatever you want to, but it’s that moment when you take all of those external messages that have been coming at you from all directions about what you should eat, how you should exercise, how you should live, and you begin internalizing them. You begin to internalize them and, most importantly, you begin to make those messages, those principles, those guidelines your own. When you make them your own they become things that you do because you want to do them, not because somebody’s telling you that you must do them. Because the plain and simple truth is that you’ve got to want it for yourself; nobody can want it for you. You’ve got to work for it yourself, nobody can do the work for you. You’ve got to know deep down in your soul that you deserve this. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to live a long, fulfilling life. You deserve to feel good in your own skin. It’s not selfish; it’s not. It’s just an acknowledgement of the fact that nobody else can possibly care more about your health and well-being than you do.

I’m not going to Stevia-coat it for you, losing weight and keeping it off is very difficult. It may very well be the most difficult thing you ever do in your life. If you’re currently overweight or obese you have choices to make, very difficult choices to make. If you’re going to commit to getting yourself healthy you’re going to have to give this undertaking the time and space it requires. You’re going to have to push aside other things in your life to make room for this. It takes time (exercise, shopping for healthy food, meal preparation), it takes effort (finding a gym and / or trainer, researching diet plans), it takes commitment (yes, that was your alarm going off at 5:15am), it takes perseverance(no, you’re not going to join the gang for happy hour at Applebee’s because you’re going to the gym in the morning and you need a good night’s sleep).

But you can do this. I did it; I DO it every single day. I recommit to myself every single day. I want to help you do this too, because we deserve nothing less than to be excruciatingly happy every day from now until the day we die. It’s there for us to claim. Let’s go get it!

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