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Ready, Set … Goals! Wrap Up

January is a time for fresh beginnings and “Ready, Set … Goals!” has been about how to kick-start your commitment to permanent weight loss. Remember, we’re not doing some “3-Day Cleanse” or “4-Hour Diet.’ Instead this is how you get real about healthy living when you’re done messing around with all of that nonsense.

“Ready, Set … Goals!” has four pillars:

  • Setting realistic, achievable goals
  • Choosing an eating plan for life
  • Consistently following through with your eating and exercise goals
  • Prioritizing healthy living by eliminating the time wasters in your life.

This week’s blogs were about that last piece, prioritizing.

Tuesday’s blog, “Ditch the Time Wasters” was about identifying those activities that are time vampires in your life. Internet and television to be sure, but also activities we do out of obligation that don’t necessarily bring us satisfaction. In order to make room for new healthy habits some of those activities are gonna need to go.

Thursday’s blog, “Establishing Boundaries for Time Wasters” dealt with the people in our lives that make unreasonable demands on our time or bombard us with their unsolicited opinions. There are those who will be threatened by your rocking the boat. They will try to guilt, manipulate and coerce you into maintaining the status quo. Navigating these murky waters is tricky and requires some high-level negotiating. You must be ready!

My “Motivational Mondays” interview with my mom turned out to be so enlightening we made it into three videos. Mom lost 70 lbs. doing what I do every day, yet she had to find her own motivation and eating plan. I love the way she describes what this change has brought her, after being a yo-yo dieter her entire adult life. Watch all three videos so you don’t miss anything! (Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3)

February is the month of love and emotion, so I’m going to spend the whole month talking about just that in what I’m calling “Emotional Eating 101.” This is tough stuff, but to really achieve transformational change you’ve got to confront these issues.

Take a deep breath. You can do this; I know you can.

– Marilyn

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