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Productivity in the balance

I have a love/hate relationship with my to-do list.

On one hand, making that list each morning helps me feel focused and organized. My work is purposeful and prioritized, so I feel accomplished at the end of the day.

On the other hand, I have occasional days when my inner 4-year-old rears her obstinate head, hands on her hips, sassing back: “You’re not the boss of me!”

Productivity is great, for sure. But all work and no play, as the saying goes, makes Marilyn an uncooperative preschooler.

Not good.

As a writer, I work for myself. I’m not gonna lie, 99% of the time it’s great; I can work in my jammies, I exercise mid-morning cause that’s when I’m most energized, and my boss almost never complains about my lame jokes.

The 1% downside is that you literally can never get away from your work.

It’s a pretty fair tradeoff, but that 1% still gets the better of me every once in a while. Recently I sort of “hit the wall” in terms of my own productivity.

Distance runners know that hitting the wall means that you’ve run out of fuel, each step requiring a herculean effort. Similarly my work productivity was sluggish because I’d been operating at a high level without adequately refueling my creative juices, and I felt like the quality of my work was suffering because of it.

This weekend is my attempt to give my productivity some balance.

Rob and I are in the Bay Area, soaking in a whole lotta football (Seahawks vs. 49ers on Thursday night and UW Huskies vs. Stanford tonight), and visiting our oldest daughter who’s in school here. Other than writing this newsletter I have no intention of working at all!

As wonderful as that sounds, I’m secretly hoping that all of this R&R will stoke my inspiration and I’ll be off and running once again. That’s the theory anyway.

My boss and I will discuss it over happy hour and let you know how it turns out 😀.

Have a happy, healthy week!



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