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Podcast: Inside women’s competitive bodybuilding with guest, Trina Sooy


Confession: I have a lifelong fascination with competitive bodybuilding. The pictures I’ve seen of men and women up on stage, their physiques honed and chiseled to anatomical perfection, seemed like an alien species to me.“Who looks like that? And how in the world do they achieve it?” I wondered. And I’ll admit, I had a certain amount of envy, too; not envy of what they look like, but envy of their obvious hard work and dedication.

So recently, when I met a young mother who took up competitive bodybuilding as her sport of choice, I peppered her with questions. Fortunately she was willing to come into the studio with me to enlighten all of us and give us a behind-the-scenes look into the world of competitive bodybuilding. Listen in as I talk with Trina Sooy who tells me what it takes to become competitive in this sport. It is every bit as interesting as I thought!

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