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On the Run

Throughout the month of April we’re talking about finding weight loss “Success in Motion” because, on a very basic level, moving your body feels good.

When you feel better, you do better.

Remember, you can’t exercise yourself thin, but you can exercise yourself happy. And being happy makes it so much easier to lose weight.

In Tuesday’s blog, “Run That By Me Again” I talked about how I started my walking – then running – program when I committed to losing weight. I love them both, and because walking and running are so user-friendly they’re a great launching point into fitness. One trip to a specialty running store and about $100 will earn you a great pair of shoes and months worth of energizing workouts.

With such a low cost of entry, running and walking are the best bang for your fitness dollar there is!

Thursday’s “Top 10 Running Gadgets & Gizmos” counted down some of my all-time favorite equipment to really make those outdoor runs and walks more enjoyable. From a “grippy” water bottle to a GPS watch, sometimes having “top drawer” equipment can make you look and feel the part a little bit more. None of the items will make you any faster, but they might give you confidence as you head out the door.

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This week’s video, “Play Your Cardios Right” was a quick look at some cardiovascular exercise options to explore. As the days get warmer and longer I itch to get outside and soak up some sunshine while burning some calories. Now that it’s nice out I can swap my treadmill workout for a bike ride, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

Next week it’s strength training, so break out the weights and stability balls! Are you ready for this?!? Me too!


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