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You Must Intrinsically Enjoy It Or It Won’t Last

smiley-faceThis is #4 of the “top 10 lessons that becoming an athlete have taught me about weight loss” that appeared in the “Building Sweat Equity” blog.

“You must intrinsically enjoy what you’re doing or it won’t last.”

There have been times when I had no choice; because of an injury or access to equipment I’ve had to do a workout I really detest. (Ahem, elliptical machine … stationary bicycle….) During these workouts time seems to stand still. It is arduous and dissatisfying. If all of my workouts were like this I probably wouldn’t workout very often!

Because of this I only do workouts I inherently enjoy.

When we take this concept and apply it to food choices we get half of my principle of the “two tables”. That is, I only eat food I absolutely love! Not “tolerate”; not even “like”, and certainly not “just-because-it’s-good-for-me”. Nope. I only eat food that gives me tremendous satisfaction and pleasure. (The other very important half of the “two tables” equation is that my food choices must be healthy!)

Permanent weight loss means a daily commitment to eating well and moving your body. If you don’t intrinsically enjoy those food and exercise choices you will not make them a part of your new life. And that’s exactly what this is – your new life!

C’mon, we got this!

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