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Moms gone wild

momsgonewildvideo-1If Thanksgiving were just about putting on an amazing meal for your family and friends it wouldn’t be terribly complicated. Oh sure, the logistics of executing all the dishes at the same time – while still hot! –is a challenge, but that’s small potatoes (ahem) compared to the emotional landmines that surround the holiday for many of us. Those emotional issues, and our responses to them, can be the cause for some of our overeating.

In Monday’s blog “Knock, Knock: It’s Your Mother-In-Law” we talked about how difficult it can be play host to family members who come to stay during the holidays. We love having them with us, but the added stress of entertaining 24/7 for the days leading up to the Thanksgiving feast can be problematic.

Today’s blog “Moms Gone Wild” deals head-on with the pressure many of us place on ourselves to create a “perfect” Thanksgiving experience for our guests. As if there were such a thing. I suffered from these perfectionist tendencies for a long time and have learned that everyone benefits from a more relaxed approach to holiday entertaining. Most importantly, me.

Friday’s blog “Black Friday” will be a whole lot less about camping out in front of Target at 4am to score a door-buster deal on a big screen TV and a whole lot more about finding peace with the whole shopping mania that consumes us from now until Christmas. What does that have to do with healthy living? HA! I’m not telling until Friday, so stay tuned!

Week 8 of “Health for the Holidays!” means we’re past the halfway point from where we started in October. Goes by quickly, doesn’t it?

Increase your cardio workouts to 47.5 minutes per day, six days a week. You need to generate some serious sweat when you do this (unless you’re swimming of course!) so be honest with yourself about how hard you’re working.

From here till the end of the year will happen at light speed so buckle up. There really is no better time than when you’re busy to focus on making healthy choices.

Losing weight is hard, especially when your mother-in-law comes to stay! Kidding! But it gets easier. And you’re so damn worth it!

Let’s go get it!

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