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And Many Happy Returns

Young girls with shopping bags in store standing in front of cash
A few days after Christmas my house still looks like a set for a post-apocalyptic movie. Okay, that may be a slight exaggeration, but only because my long-suffering husband is so tidy. Truthfully, there are neatly stacked piles everywhere: things to go upstairs, things to get returned or exchanged, things to go off with the adult children back to their apartments. And on and on and on.

Life isn’t exactly back to normal, but we’re over the mad rush anyway.

Like you, we all received a gift card or two. Maybe you scored some cash for a sweater that’s just not “you.”

Well now, there’s an opportunity, isn’t there?! Time to hit the mall!

Remember those healthy holiday gift guides I did a couple of weeks ago? There was a Beginner’s Edition, an Intermediate Edition and an Advanced Edition. Plug yourself in to some of those gift ideas and go get some exercise equipment or maybe new workout clothes. I’m totally addicted to my Magic Bullet, so maybe give yourself the gift of healthy protein smoothies for the New Year!

You can download my eBook “Marilyn’s Fall / Winter Essential Smoothie Recipe Book” to get ideas for your new favorite post-workout recovery drink!

In addition to celebrating the holidays we have a lot to be proud of as 2013 winds down. Success is measured in lots of ways; the scale is one. Having a clear sense of purpose and knowing at your core that you’re worth the time and energy it takes to live a healthy lifestyle is another.

Losing weight and keeping it off permanently requires a level of self-awareness that will challenge you in ways that might not have occurred to you.

That’s why losing weight is hard. But it’ll get easier, I promise. And you’re so damn worth it!

Let’s go get it!

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