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M is for Music

“Turn off that racket!” can be heard in households across America.

In my house it’s one of the kids yelling at me rather than the other way around. Idk, I like loud stuff. I suppose it’s a throwback to our own teenage years when one way we cut loose and expressed ourselves was through our musical choices.

Apparently I’m still a rebel.

One of my basic rules for getting the most out of your cardio workouts is:

“Only listen to music you couldn’t possibly sit still for!”

images-263I walk past the cardio machines at the gym and see all kinds of TV shows on those little screens: news, Ellen, cooking shows. (Cupcake Wars … while working out?!?) Folks are slogging away, watching the clock. Looking absolutely miserable. I cannot even fathom how mind-numbing that must be.

They finish their workout, looking worn out and grateful that it’s finally over.

Geez, no wonder it can seem like torture!

I want my workout to be the best part of my day, the part I can’t wait for! One way I do that is by listening to my favorite music.

In addition to just creating a playlist of your favorites, there are several other ways to find things to listen to.


Enter your preferences or simply choose a readymade playlist for just about anything, including workouts! Within the workouts option you can select playlists based on a specific theme (i.e. “Winter Run”), category of workout (i.e. “Power Yoga”), or my personal fave: beats per minute (BPM).

Pandora or iTunes radio:

PandoraIf you’re less concerned about BPM but want more ideas for songs similar to those you already know you like, create your own “station” on one of these apps and it’ll play songs within that genre. You can train it to know songs you like, songs you don’t, and specific artists you want to hear more of.

Built-in music: Lots of group classes have music playing throughout – spinning, Zumba, Pure Barre, even my kickboxing class – have music with a great beat to motivate you and keep you going strong. Love that!

Music is energizing, invigorating, inspiring and just plain fun! Unplug from the TV and make your workouts a kickass good time with your favorite beats.

And just for fun, here’s my favorite running song of all time. Just hearing it makes me wanna get up and move, and guaranteed my kids will be yelling at me to turn it down!

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