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Look Through the Magic Binoculars

binocularsWhat if you could look through a set of magic binoculars and see beyond your current circumstances?

Beyond your current weight.

Beyond your current health challenges.

What would you see?

Imagine for a moment that you’re at your goal weight. What does that feel like? Do you feel in control? Do you feel … not just physically lighter, but like the weight of the world has been lifted off your shoulders?

What if you were able to shake loose some of the problems that are holding you back? The ones that currently leave you feeling trapped and stuck. The ones that cause you to turn to food to relieve your stress.

Wow, wouldn’t that feel amazing?!?!

This week in the “10-Week, 10-Pound Challenge” we’ve been talking about emotional eating. It’s a heavy (pun intended) topic that is both complicated – getting to the root cause can take a lot of soul-searching or even professional help – and it’s complicating – that is, it further complicates the process of weight loss.

This week’s blogs speak to the perils of emotional eating. I was an emotional eater nearly all of my life until I committed to losing weight. Have I completely eliminated it from my life? No, but mostly. Was it easy? HA! Don’t make me laugh.

But I’m here – on the other side of weight loss – to tell you that it is entirely possible. If emotional eating plagues you, read this week’s blogs and listen to the podcast. I answer one reader’s really interesting question about emotional eating. She wants to know if it’s possible to be a “happiness eater.” Great question!

Listen to the podcast or download it to hear my answer, and send me your questions at the “Ask Marilyn” button. I love to hear from you!

Have a happy, healthy week!

– Marilyn

PS: Don’t miss my recent attempt to revive my favorite childhood sport, ice skating! Why do I remember it seeming so much easier than it is now? I had to catch a few seconds on video to prove I did it, too!

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