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Important Program Information


Hello and welcome!

I’m so excited that you’ve committed to the 28 Days to Overcoming Food Addiction program. Your decision to seize control of your eating behavior is an important acknowledgment that you deserve more than being a slave to obsessive cravings and compulsive overeating.

And you’re right – you do!

There is a boatload of important information coming your way, so I wanted to let you know what’s coming, when it’s coming, and how you’ll be getting your information.

Here’s what’s coming and when you’ll get it:

On Friday, January 1st you’ll be able to access the following on the members-only portal:

  • Food Addiction Truths
  • Program Guidelines
  • Program Expectations
  • Meal Planning, Recipe Guidelines and Tips
  • Week 1 Meal Plan
  • Week 1 Grocery Shopping List

On Saturday, January 2nd you’ll get:

  • An invitation to join the private 28 Days to Overcoming Food Addiction Facebook group

On Monday, January 4th you’ll get:

  • Your first program post, which is the course introduction and answers to the most frequently asked questions about food addiction.

On each day thereafter until January 31st you’ll get:

  • A daily post, video chat or podcast to help you along the way.

And here’s how you’ll be getting your information:

New content will be available at 6:00am PST each day on the members-only portal on Simply visit: and log in to see the new and past content.

You should have received your password by email after you signed up. If you didn’t receive it or are having trouble, just visit and click “Lost your password?” at the bottom. Enter the email address you used at checkout and you will be emailed a new one.

I’ve been burning the midnight oil preparing for our 28 days together. It is going to be intense, but if you bring your curiosity to better understand yourself and a determination to succeed, I will show you the way.

I know you’re suffering; I did too, for a very long time. But I know this program works, and most importantly, I know you can overcome your food addiction.



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