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Healthy Travels

dinner-with-girls-momWhether for work or leisure – by plane, train or automobile – travel is a part of our normal routine. Even when it’s for pleasure, though, travelling creates its own challenges when we’re trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

As I write this I’m sitting on an airplane, headed to a spa in Southern California with my mom and my two daughters to have a Girls Weekend. We’re celebrating mom’s 75th birthday! None of us has ever been to a spa before, so we’re really looking forward to a little pampering. Rough life, isn’t it?! But you only turn 75 once, and I wanted to go all out and do something special for my mom.

Because it’s summer and many of us are taking to the road or sky for vacation, Week 7 of the “10-Week, 10-Pound Challenge” is going to focus on maintaining healthy habits while travelling.


Our Week 7 travel itinerary is:

Monday: Healthy Travels

Tuesday: “Try-It Tuesday” Barre Workout (Have you tried this? It’s all the rage!)

Wednesday: Road Kill: Healthy Eating While You’re Travelling

Thursday: Travel Workouts

Friday: Week 7 podcast and answers to “Ask Marilyn” questions

Because I never miss an opportunity to hit an airport Starbucks, this week’s Challenge prize-winner will receive a $10 Starbucks gift card! (Truthfully, I seldom miss an opportunity to stop at Starbucks, even when I’m not travelling.) Just do me a favor and skip the 450 calorie scone in favor of a non-fat latte, okay?

And congratulations to Challenge participant Anne who wins the yoga mat to help her break the vicious cycle and keep her on the virtuous cycle.

It isn’t just a lack of healthy food options and a disrupted workout routine that can cause us to slip up when travelling; “vacation mindset” can take a toll on our resolve.

“It’s only a few days,” we tell ourselves. “I deserve to relax and just enjoy myself!”

Well yes, you do. But enjoying yourself doesn’t have to mean abandoning healthy habits. And as much as I sound like a total buzzkill, I would argue that there is no better time than when travelling to be mindful of making food and exercise choices that support our long-term goals.

I plan to have a cocktail (or two) poolside on this trip, and will probably share a birthday dessert in honor of mom, but I also packed my workout gear and will scour restaurant menus for the healthiest possible options.

Vacations are great, but returning home to a higher number on the scale is not. There are healthy choices to be made, even on the road!

C’mon, we got this!

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