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Healthy living is a moving target

There seems to be no end to the challenges – and even setbacks – that come up along the way as we strive to live a healthy lifestyle.

For two weeks I’ve been living out of a suitcase as we travelled to Spokane and then to the east coast. We finally arrived back home to a rather unpleasant surprise: the guys who were refinishing our hardwood floors while we were gone ran into a complication, and the floors weren’t done as expected. That meant that instead of settling back in at home we trudged off to an “extended stay” hotel for several more nights.


The traveling and interrupted routines took a toll on my normal healthy habits and I experienced a little backsliding. If you’ve ever suffered a relapse (is there anyone who hasn’t?) read about how I handled mine. The good news is that I’m back on track and ready to hit to the reset button.

Practice - Arrows Hit in Red Target.My relapse was a good reminder that not only is there no “perfect” formula for healthy living; it’s actually a moving target.

Are you ready for a little target practice??? Me too!

Have a happy, healthy week!

– Marilyn

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