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Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

I’m gonna say this so many times between now and Christmas that you’re going to be repeating it in your sleep: it’s not a gift to give people you care about things that are bad for them. For me, this means I don’t give unhealthy food gifts to people.

I don’t take them as hostess offerings.

I don’t send them as presents to my children’s teachers.

I don’t ship them off as fruitcake-of-the-month gifts to faraway relatives (they’d probably hate me for it anyway, right?).

Instead of giving an Olive Garden gift card (no, I’m not interested in unlimited bread sticks or a “never-ending” pasta bowl), I like to show my friends and family how much I love them and encourage their healthy lifestyle goals.

Monday’s blog, “Healthy Holiday Gift Guide: Beginners Edition” gave a few introductory ideas for gifts that would delight someone just dipping their toes into the healthy living waters.

Today’s blog, “Healthy Holiday Gift Guide: Intermediate Edition” is a straight-forward “Top 10” for those on your list who are doing their best every day to make good choices, but would love a little something special to acknowledge their hard work.

Friday’s blog will be – you guessed it – the Advanced Edition, for those superstars on your list who are totally committed to a healthy lifestyle.

We’re in the home stretch of our “Health for the Holidays!” series. With only a few weeks to go until the New Year you’re gonna need to pay close attention to your eating (and drinking) decisions. And on the exercise front, up your cardio workouts to 52.5 minutes per day, six days a week.

I know you put a lot of time and effort into picking out holiday gifts for your friends and loved ones. Why not let your gift say, “I love you and I want you around for a long time to come!”

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