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Your Healthy Eating Plan for Life

Maybe starting the new year with a new diet was your New Year’s resolution. How’s that going? Yeah, I did that a couple dozen times too. Didn’t work for me either.

Even if you agree with the popular mantra “Diets Don’t Work!” you must still have a plan in order to be successful at permanent weight loss. 

That’s exactly what this week’s blogs have been about.

In Tuesday’s blog, “Diet vs. Eating Plan” I described and gave examples of the six categories of diets. The categories are: counting programs, pre-packaged food programs, restrictive plans, those with internal controls, those with external controls and weight loss surgery. Each one has pros and cons. Some have been around a very long time, others are less tested. Most importantly, each one comes with its own set of “rules” that you must follow in order to lose weight. When you internalize those rules it stops being a “diet” and it becomes your eating plan and well, just your life!

It is that shift that is transformational.

In Thursday’s blog, “My Story” I told you what my diet … er, eating plan is. Because I lost 120 lbs. over 6 ½ years ago and have kept it off ever since people always want to know what I did.

“How did you lose the weight?!?” they want to know. I can often see the desperation in their eyes and hear the frustration in their voice. Believe me, I know that desperation and frustration very well.

I hope you’ll read the blogs and give some serious thought as to which diet can become your healthy eating plan for life.

Monday’s video, “Cooking with Laura” is a fun lesson in how to make healthy eating simple and delicious! Laura lost 105 lbs. and found her passion developing recipes that support her commitment to healthy living. Way to go Laura!

At the very core of it, my success is built on three things:

  1. surrendering to the idea that I had to go it alone – been there, failed at that
  2. commitment to change my habits forever – as in, until the day I die
  3. willingness to do everything in my power every single day to be the very best version of myself.

I want that for you too. 

So step up. Claim this for yourself. Frankly, you deserve nothing less.

– Marilyn

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