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The Game On! Diet

975557455947f524aa-1There is absolutely no one-size-fits-all in the world of weight loss. What works for your BFF may not work for you. But the beauty of it is human beings are endlessly creative when it comes to problem solving. Two of those creative humans invented a “diet” (the word doesn’t even begin to cover the comprehensive life changes they advocate) in the wildly fun The Game On! Diet.

unnamed-88-267x300-2I hadn’t heard of it until someone in our Eat Like It Matters community brought it to my attention. If Cami looks familiar, it’s because she shared her success with us before in “Meet weight loss success story: Cami.” Cami wrote to me recently to tell me about how she’s building on her earlier success – and having a blast doing it – with The Game On! Diet.

Here’s a short video to tell us how The Game On! Diet works.

When I asked Cami if she’d be willing to share her personal experience with The Game On! Diet, she heartily agreed.

Here’s her first-hand experience:

Maybe like you, I have tried every diet out there, or at least I feel like it. So many in fact the last time I bought a diet book my husband said, “Seriously, you are reading another diet book? Don’t you know all you need to know?” Don’t hate him, he’s really supportive, he just can’t comprehend why I don’t just do what I need to do to be a healthy weight. Since he’s never had weight issues it seems simple to him! I told him if I ever stop reading diet books I’ve given up, and he should be very afraid 🙂

I was surprised when my friend asked me to join her in The Game On! Diet. Mostly surprised that I had never heard of it! I immediately googled it and loved what I found. A great diet that’s also a competitive game – did I mention I’m competitive? I’m a joiner so of course I bought the book and let my friend know I was in!

The book The Game On! Diet, by Krista Vernoof and AZ Ferguson, is fantastic. Krista is an executive producer for “Grey’s Anatomy” and is a hilarious writer. And, the simple plan they put together to combine a fun, competitive game with a healthy eating and exercise plan is so clever. Here’s how it works: get a group of friends together, pick a prize – the group I’m with had each participant kick in $10 to play and we have a pot of cash – and divide into teams (we have teams of two). Each participant sets an overall goal (either weight loss or fitness) for a 4-week period. It works even if you are at the weight you want to be but want to bump up your fitness. Every day each person tracks points they earn for following the program. The winning team with the most points at the end of the 4 weeks wins the prize.

You earn points in several areas, and it’s all or nothing – either you do it or you don’t! Love that too, no partway on this one. Points are available for drinking enough water, exercising (a minimum of 20 minutes, 6 days a week), sleep (7 hours in bed), transformation (start a new healthy habit, end an unhealthy one), meeting your weekly goal (mine for example is 1.5 lbs. per week), and sticking to the actual diet. Speaking of which, the diet plan is very reasonable – five mini-meals a day each consisting of a lean protein, good carb and healthy fat. The book provides great ideas for what food you can select in those areas. Of course you eliminate sugar, soda and white flour and limit things like alcohol. There is an opportunity to have a meal off, and a day off during the week. Nice to have a little wiggle room!

The competition lasts four weeks and scores are submitted weekly to a scorekeeper. The book has a tracking sheet to keep score and groups like the one I’m in have an electronic score sheet they share. Our group also has a Facebook site to cheer each other on, hold each other accountable, and report our goals and results. I’m early in the game, but can see already that it’s going to work!! Game on baby!

Marilyn again: If you’re a competitive person and like the social element of losing weight with a support group, The Game On! Diet could be just what you’re looking for. Great job Cami, and keep up the good work!


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