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Exercise Good Judgment

“Success in Motion” is a phrase I use to describe how exercise can support your weight loss goals. You can’t exercise yourself thin, but there are innumerable ways in which exercise reinforces all the healthy living habits we’re creating.

In “Let the Vision Pull You” I talked about how having a destination in mind – one that is as visible to you as the clear blue sky – can make all the difference when starting a weight loss journey.

Get Your Zen On” was a short take on yoga and all of its benefits for healthy living. Making that mind-body connection, along with the fitness component of yoga make it a worthwhile practice.

When I wrote “Does Everybody Have an Inner-Athlete” it really got me thinking, so I came up with 10 lessons learned from exercise that apply to weight loss. That was the subject of “Building Sweat Equity”.

Where’s the best place to start with a list of ten important concepts like that? Number one! That was the subject of the week’s final blog and the most important lesson that fitness has taught me: “Figure Out a Plan That Is Uniquely Yours”.

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Whew! Lots to talk about when it comes to exercise, but you’re gonna need some sustenance to fuel all those workouts, right? Best place to turn for that is vegetables! And who doesn’t love the tender spring veggies that are in the produce section now? Try a yummy “Carrot Salad” as a side dish or “Beets with Oranges and Goat Cheese” as a light main course in the coming week. They’re both delicious!

Finally, this week’s Q&A video was a look at “The Care and Feeding of Teenagers”. It’s tough to know what to feed your hungry brood (and all of their friends!) when they come and go at unpredictable hours and are always ravenous! I answer a thoughtful reader question about how this works in my house.

If you have a weight loss or exercise question that’s got you stumped, ask me at /ask/ and I’ll give it my best shot!

Have a happy, healthy week!


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