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Eeny, meeny, miney … go!

Hand picking red apple among green apples

A couple of my closest friends started Whole30 this week.

I just ran into another friend who told me she ordered the 21-Day Fix system to lose weight.

And every seat’s taken in my favorite spinning class.

Seems everybody’s renewed a commitment to healthy living recently!

In many ways it doesn’t even matter what program or class or system you choose. As long as it’s medically and nutritionally sound, all change is good change.

If the change you’re making this month is starting a running program, listen in to my podcast from this week. I get giddy when I talk about my three favorite treadmill workouts. They’re perfect for building conditioning before the spring!

If you’re new to an exercise routine – or going back after a hiatus – check out "6 Ways Your Workout May Be Missing the Mark" so you don’t make one of the common mistakes I see at the gym.

And I hope you’ll watch the 3-minute video book trailer that tells the story of my weight loss and why I decided to change my life to "eat like it matters." I’m proud of this video and the top-notch team that put it together for me. It’s another vehicle by which I can get out my message that eating like it matters is part of living like it matters. And I’ve come to believe, that’s what we’re all here to do!

Have a happy, healthy week!




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