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Drive the District Peak Performer: Marilyn McKenna

McKenna’s a weight-loss inspiration and social media maven.

Seven years ago Marilyn McKenna weighed 255 pounds. Today she’s a 135-pound marathon runner, triathlete and social media star.

McKenna had been a fat kid (and she deliberately uses the word “fat”)a teenager whose weight yo-yoed with crazy diets, and a woman who for twenty years was, in medical terms, “morbidly obese.”

How did she go from fat to fit? By transforming her life — a commitment she renews every day.

Her passion for sharing — honestly and irreverently — is why she was voted “Best Local Twitter Personality” by KING-TV’s “Evening Magazine.” And her first book, Eat Like it Matters, will be out at the end of the year.

She took time out from training for a triathlon to chat with us.

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