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cyclistsThis is #9 of the “top 10 lessons that becoming an athlete have taught me about weight loss” that appeared in the “Building Sweat Equity” blog.

“If you’re intimidated to try something new, ask for help.”

Whether you’re a cyclist or not, you’re probably familiar with the concept of “drafting.” The physics of it are such that the leader creates a “draft zone” behind him/her; another cyclist pulling into this space will benefit from the pull created in this wake and s/he will need to expend less effort to maintain the same speed as the leader. Interestingly, there is a measureable benefit for the leader as well. It is a perfect symbiotic relationship.

Think of weight loss as a similar road. Rather than travel the road alone, expending maximum effort, join the pack.

As you progress, you will encounter others who are either ahead or behind you on the same road. When you meet someone who’s a little ahead of you, pull in behind. Emulate what they’re doing right; ask questions about their eating and exercise habits. Let them help you.

As you have success in reaching your healthy living goals people will reach out to you for encouragement and support. Extend a hand to them and teach them what you’ve learned.

Whether it’s in fitness or in weight loss, we all do better when we support one another. Never be afraid to ask for help; before you know it people will be pulling in behind you to draft in your wake!

C’mon, we got this!

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