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Don’t panic! There’s still time to get your name off the naughty list

santa's stuffIf there’s a theme to this time of year (besides the obvious yuletide merriment), it’s madly rushing around trying to get all of the extra things done, on top of our already busy schedules. We’re left feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and downright un-merry.

And while I’m sure your name doesn’t appear anywhere on Santa’s official naughty list, you’re probably trying to make a dent in a long list of gifts for your friends and loved ones. This week’s blogs and videos were an effort to make some of those gift decisions just a little bit easier.

Among the gift-buying guides I released this week, the most noteworthy is the video that captures my trip to Pixelkin, an organization that covers the latest news, reviews, and developments in video games—with a special focus on families. One day earlier this week I played fitness games with the Pixelkin staff all afternoon and then reviewed those games based on degree of difficulty, quality of workout and ease of use. (Don’t I have a tough job?)

To find out my pick among those games tested, read Pixelkin’s blogs and watch the video. Who knew playing video games could be such a great workout?!?

We’re nearing the home stretch before Christmas, but there are still lots of parties to attend, gifts to wrap and stocking stuffers to buy. (Oh wait, Santa does that. My bad.) Take a breath, a steaming cup of tea, and remember to put your own health and happiness somewhere on that looooooooooong “to do” list of yours.

(Hint, hint: put it at the top and you’ll be even happier and healthier on January 1st!)

Have a happy, healthy week!


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