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Dinner is Served

Up until this week the advice I’ve been dishing up with regard to my “blueprint” eating plan –  “One Meal at a Time” – hasn’t been too hard to swallow. You get to eat a large, healthy breakfast followed by a mid-morning snack. Just a couple of hours later is a satisfying and delicious lunch. Next week I’m even gonna tell you more about that knock-your-socks-off snack you get at 4pm every day.

But this week … I had to break the news:

I recommend that your dinner be about 300 calories, consisting mostly of vegetables.

In Tuesday’s blog, “This Can’t Be What I Ordered, There Are Vegetables On This Plate” I made my best case for eating a very modest dinner comprised primarily of vegetables. Realizing this is a counter-cultural message, I asked you to acknowledge that your body is shutting down for the night and doesn’t require – nor can it burn off – a big calorie influx late in the day. As an incentive, I offered my favorite go-to salad recipe that I make for dinner all the time.

Thursday’s blog, “Vegetables: It’s What’s For Dinner” was a “Top 5” list of my other favorite mainly vegetable, 300-calorie dinner ideas that are not salad! I don’t feel like eating rabbit food every night either, and sometimes it’s just not practical, so I gave you recipes for quick and easy make-in-an-instant dinners as well as several dining out options.

In last week’s video I introduced the new “Ask Marilyn” feature on the website where you can submit questions about weight loss, nutrition and fitness. I’ll answer several of those questions regularly in Q&A video chats, so send ‘em in!

Have you “liked” my Facebook page? There are daily tips, links, quizzes and inspirations that you’ll miss if you haven’t joined yet. We’re building a supportive community and Facebook is a great way to stay connected all week long!

Next week’s blogs are all about snacks and desserts – what could be better than that?!?!

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