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Deep down, you already know the truth

It can’t be that simple, can it?

Whatever we’re struggling with: our on-again-off-again workout habit, a soul-crushing job, a stagnant relationship … we’re really, genuinely suffering, right? We find ourselves stuck and imagine innumerable reasons why we can’t possibly get unstuck.

But I believe that deep down, we already know the truth of our situation.

Deep down, we know what we need to do.

We’re just terrified to actually do it.

I get that; denial and I go way back.

Actually committing to a daily, consistent exercise regimen means we need to stop hitting the snooze button and go to bed earlier. Maybe it means updating that resume and proactively looking for a more rewarding job – or even switching careers entirely, which can be a huge leap of faith. Or perhaps it means admitting to yourself that a relationship you thought was “until death do us part” has already died.

Tough stuff for sure, and not for the feint of heart.

In my advancing years (ahem) I have come to believe that all suffering comes from resisting what is.

We want the truth to be something other than what it actually is. We want it really, really badly. And by God we’re convinced that if we just resist hard enough we can bend reality to our will.

HA! Good luck with that.

The truth is simply the truth. Deep down we already know what it is. Resisting it only perpetuates our suffering. But we’re stubborn creatures, us humans. And we love us some denial and excuses.

Fortunately the universe has a way of asserting truth. (Usually by bashing us over the head with it until we can deny it no more.) It’s a painful but strangely liberating experience. I fell off that cliff when I had my “rock bottom” experience in 2007 that led to my decision to have Lap-Band surgery, and it happened to me again just recently. What can I say, I’m a slow learner.

But while the truth may not be kind, it is patient. Frankly, it’s got all the time in the world for us to come to our senses and stop denying it.

So maybe it really is that simple: deep down, we already know the truth.

At the risk of sounding kinda woo-woo, I believe that our work here on earth is to discover that truth, embrace it and then live it with gusto.

Is it easy? Pfffft, don’t be ridiculous. But is it possible and even completely doable. It’s up to us to tune out our self-serving denial and excuses and really listen. And then of course, take action on that truth.

Denying the truth doesn’t serve us in the long run. We were meant for much greater things!

Have a happy, healthy and *truthful* week!

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